Monday, October 3, 2011

Been a long time...

since I have posted but not since I played Pilates. In fact, just the other day I was hanging out in my studio. Playing with some "contrology", building my body and my mind Pilates strong. Because you see, I am preparing for something. Something I have wanted for a very long time. Drum roll please...

I am opening my studio very, very soon.

I'm giddy. I'm excited. I'm...busy getting all my ducks all in a row.

Almost there.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pilates Chair On They Way

After a weekend of Chair and Barrel training - and having a blast - it inspired me to add a chair to my home studio. Ordered today and it is scheduled to arrive next week. Yay!

Thanks Joe!

Monday, February 14, 2011

♥ Pilates Loves ♥

Happy Valentine's Day! I do love Pilates and so much that I spent all morning working out on the Trapeze Table. Great love and great workout!

In the spirit of the day I would love to share my most favorite luscious and juicy Pilates exercises.

1. Rolldown on the Trapeze Table (TT)
2. Parakeet (with Roll-up and Monkey!) on the TT
3. Carola's Breathing on the TT
4. Short Spine on the Reformer
5. Semi Circle on the Reformer

What's your favorite?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bikini Gratitude

Just a quick post to say Thank You to Joseph Pilates. Because of you, I will be wearing a bikini this summer. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Teaser On The Long Box

Being out of commission in the Pilates world is not fun. Especially when Reformer 3 training is in session and I have a lingering injury that needs to be looked after - even when the rest of the body wants to do it all! That was my experience last weekend. So when everyone else was working on the really hard stuff, I was watching. I was crying out (quietly inside). I so wanted to try it all. LET ME TRY IT ALL! *Sigh*

Feeling better I am. Yay. Better enough to try the teaser on the long box today. What fun! And also a realization. I do not like to go into teaser from table-top legs. would think that way would be easier to do but I find it much more of a challenge. Give me a full teaser ANY day. I'm not sure how may times I tried it - 4, 5, 6? It was challenging and fun and sure made me feel like a strong Pilates Pretty when I was up there balancing on that box.

On that note, my Teaser II has improved tremendously.

Teaser is such a tease.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Legs and Springs

So for years I was a reformer feet in straps fan. How much fun was that to engage the "thuddock" (thanks Clare) and pull those straps toward the floor causing the carriage to slide you across the frame. It felt great. Then to move into big circles. So free. When you finally really "got" the technique, you felt in control of the exercise. It was liberating.

Enter supine leg springs on the trap table. OMG. The difference is huge. The springs on the trap table give you a deeper level of feedback and a more intense workout. The change in the look of your legs will be fast and fierce. Use the heavier leg springs to strengthen your "thuddock" or the lighter springs to work on your pelvic stability. Either set of springs will do amazing things for your lower half and really show you the stability of your pelvis or the strength in your thigh and buttock (thuddock).

*Highly Recommended*

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It Can Be Done

Also known as Inspiration leads to Aspiration.

Last weekend was Reformer 3 training for me. Imagine my delight when I watched this video for the first time today and witnessed all of these SUPER ADVANCED reformer exercises - beautifully choreographed and performed IN A SEQUENCE with grace and flow. Sure, if you have been practicing Pilates for a good amount of time you can do a few of them here are there. Now, my Pilates Pretties, it is time to master each one! I am inspired to execute them with integration, grace, beauty and ease. Thank you Jean-Claude. You are a Pilates inspiration.