Thursday, February 10, 2011

Legs and Springs

So for years I was a reformer feet in straps fan. How much fun was that to engage the "thuddock" (thanks Clare) and pull those straps toward the floor causing the carriage to slide you across the frame. It felt great. Then to move into big circles. So free. When you finally really "got" the technique, you felt in control of the exercise. It was liberating.

Enter supine leg springs on the trap table. OMG. The difference is huge. The springs on the trap table give you a deeper level of feedback and a more intense workout. The change in the look of your legs will be fast and fierce. Use the heavier leg springs to strengthen your "thuddock" or the lighter springs to work on your pelvic stability. Either set of springs will do amazing things for your lower half and really show you the stability of your pelvis or the strength in your thigh and buttock (thuddock).

*Highly Recommended*


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