Saturday, February 12, 2011

Teaser On The Long Box

Being out of commission in the Pilates world is not fun. Especially when Reformer 3 training is in session and I have a lingering injury that needs to be looked after - even when the rest of the body wants to do it all! That was my experience last weekend. So when everyone else was working on the really hard stuff, I was watching. I was crying out (quietly inside). I so wanted to try it all. LET ME TRY IT ALL! *Sigh*

Feeling better I am. Yay. Better enough to try the teaser on the long box today. What fun! And also a realization. I do not like to go into teaser from table-top legs. would think that way would be easier to do but I find it much more of a challenge. Give me a full teaser ANY day. I'm not sure how may times I tried it - 4, 5, 6? It was challenging and fun and sure made me feel like a strong Pilates Pretty when I was up there balancing on that box.

On that note, my Teaser II has improved tremendously.

Teaser is such a tease.

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